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Friday May 29 , 2015
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Friuli Venezia Giulia Internet eXchange


An Internet Exchange Point (IXP), also known as NAP (Neutral Access Point), is a physical infrastructure which allows different Internet Providers (ISP) to exchange internet traffic among them. This is done by interconnecting their own Autonomous Systems through peering arrangements.  This grants the ISP to save a portion of the band that they purchase from their upstream providers and to gain efficiency and reliability.
The main goal for an IXP is to allow ISP networks to interconnect among them directly through an exchange point, instead of making them go across the traffic of one or more external providers. The advantages resulting from it are as follow:

  • speed: fewer connection delays;
  • efficiency: increase in the route redundance by eliminating the single point of failure on   the ISP network;
  • cost: generally lower compared to the one of the internet transit.


FVG-IX wants to become the NAP for the Internet traffic exchange in the Northeast Area.   An IXP on the Friuli Venezia Giulia region will support the presence and the connectivity exchange among internet operators; therefore, increasing service quality, and in availability terms also speed and security. A NAP in the region means a better arrangement of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Internet Network and it will make it independent of any problem occurring in other areas.
FVG-IX is part of the "Business Data Center" project of InAsset, and all companies, computer related or not, will have the opportunity to benefit from a top structure of the Data Center business.    
Important National and International Carriers such as: Retelit, Interoute, Telecom Italia, BT, Invitel and FastWeb are, already, Business Data Center hosts and by 2010 we will have important contracts with worldwide Carriers like Cogent (which transports more than 20% of the world internet traffic). In our Data Center converge fibers from different Carriers and we realized we could transform this node into an IXP.

Business, Companies and Enterprises

FVG-IX will offer an alternative to the famous and also very crowded MIX (Milan Internet eXchange) in Milan where the majority of the Italian Internet services rely upon.  The gradual demolishion of the "Digital Divide" on the FVG region, achieved using the new and emerging technologies such as Hyperlan, Wi-Max and Fiber Optics, will make the Friuli businesses take into their advantage computer and internet services coming from outsourcing, though concentrating their resources to their own Core Business.
Not only production companies will have practical advantages, but all Internet Service Providers and Regional System Integrators operating in our territory will have the availability  of an infrastructure capable to fulfill their requests in terms of quality, security and reliability.  Why travel hundred of kilometers to reach Milan when in less than 30 minutes maximum it is possible to get to a Class Tier 3++ Data Center offering any type of IT service? The Data Center has important Partnership with ITC companies from Friuli who can offer counseling on all problems related to the computer world.  Moreover, we have an important partnership with IBM, an official server provider, storage and network equipment in collaboration with Cisco.
FVG-IX is, then, an important piece for the outsourcing service furnishing and Internet services in our region because it provides companies with an important number of Carriers, reduces costs and increase security and reliability.
FVG-IX is neutral, an an IXP should be, it is open to all Carries wanting to create new exchange points, it is open to all ISP wanting to improve and increase their own connectivity and it is open to all businesses wanting to interconnect with their own internet equipment.